BM Soho presents Black Coffee 15.05.2010 Review

On Saturday the 15th May 2010 Black Coffee and Bucie were scheduled to make an appearance at BM Soho (formerly known as Blackmarket Records) to showcase their musical talents.

I only found out the proper details of the event the night prior to when it was scheduled to take place, but seeing as I had no concrete plans set for the Saturday afternoon, I thought ‘Why not?!’ My initial thoughts were simply ‘I have to attend this event, after all it is the legendary Black Coffee who have produced anthems such as ‘Turn Me On’ ‘Superman’ and ‘Respect Me.’ There was definitely no reason as to why I wouldn’t want to attend an event of such prestige, but as usual there is always something in the way and on this occasion, I wasn’t feeling so well! However, if you thought I would let something that minute stop me, you are so very wrong.

With the event scheduled to begin at 16:00 I thought that I should try my best to arrive slightly earlier to ensure that I secured my space inside of the venue, rather than having to enjoy the showcase from outside in the streets. We all know what English weather is like and I certainly wasn’t taking any chances. One minute it’s hot with the Sun blazing, and then the next it’s freezing and pouring down with rain! Anyway, I arrived at BM Soho at around about 15.30. There were a few people outside, inside the shop was relatively empty and it seemed as though a lot of people had turned up for this one-off special. As I waited, I looked at the new releases which had been put out, looked to see which records remained on display since the last time that I had visited the shop, and within this time I was kindly supplied with a bottle of Kopparberg Pear Cider (yes, that is the nicest one!) By now 16:00 had passed and more and more people started to arrive. Black Coffee were ‘fashionably’ late, and I can safely say that it was a case of better late than never. However, Bucie was unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances. I must admit that this was a slight let down as we were no longer going to have Bucie laying down her sweet, soft and soulful vocals for us live, but there was no doubt that Black Coffee would be spinning countless bangers entailing this. We were now safely in the hands of Black Coffee and the showcase was ready to begin…

Let me just start off by telling you that Black Coffee didn’t mess around. It wasn’t a case of ‘Oh let me have a drink first,’ or ‘Let me have a look around,’ they went straight in! They were in the mix for just over 2 hours dropping some of the freshest and most sought-after tunes of the moment. Of course they played their more obvious tracks such as Turn Me On, Superman (the remix which amuses me) and Respect Me, but don’t ever assume that it was just an afternoon of tracks that we’re all reasonably familiar with because I can assure you that it was the complete opposite. Amongst the tracks mentioned above, they provided us with the finest selection of House Music that I’ve ever heard, and they really did ‘Blow me away.’ The set consisted of a variety of Black Coffee production as well as a number of tunes that I’m not familiar with. Whether or not all of the tunes were produced by Black Coffee, they brought that real tribal sound of South Africa to the streets of Central London and inside of the BM Soho venue! The crowd which they attracted was a mixture of people, from all different walks of life and of all ages, which conveyed just how diverse the House genre really is. When tunes such as ‘Superman’ and ‘Respect Me’ came on, everyone was so familiar with the words and the rhythm that they were able to recognise them straight away. The attendees were raising their arms as the tunes were mixed in and you could hear people occasionally chanting “Ey” and “Oi” as the recognisable tunes were blended into the mix. “Can you be myyyyyyyy Superman?” is just one of the many utterances which filled the venue and left the crowd singing along in unison. On top of the singing, the audience were captivated by the tunes, and if you know me you will know that I was no exception to this. Bussin’ my sour faced skanks, squinting my eyes and moving my shoulders and legs in accordance to the rhythms!

Personally, I LOVED the showcase and I would definitely say that my memory of this event is one that won’t be leaving my mind so easily. It was an experience that I hope to always remember and I’m already heavily anticipating their return. You wouldn’t believe that it was only 30days ago that I saw them!

To sum up the event in a nutshell, Black Coffee were in the mix for approximately two hours straight, the venue was full to the brim resulting with people being forced to enjoy the vibes from outside, and the drinks were in full flow. The selection of both Cherry and Pear Kopparberg Cider and Ginger Beer kept us all refreshed as we danced the afternoon away. This was all thanks to Black Coffee who supplied us with the entertainment, and of course BM Soho who yet again provided us with another outstanding event all for FREE! What is it they say?

The best things in life are free!!!

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Author: missgen

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  1. hey Gen nice review! i was there too bopping away to the tunes. was also gutted Bucie never came down, specially as i missed the gig that night. He's playing again at Tribe @ The Den on Feb 12th so ya know.

    PS i liked the post about the shawarma, made me laugh, next time go to Best Mangal down by Tescos in West Ken.. killer shawarma!


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  2. @Guy Thank you very much. I heard that Bucie never came due to a problem with flights unfortunately! Black Coffee definitely held it down though. I really want to get down to Tribe on the 12th but I don't think that I'm going to make it once again.

    Best Mangal…I shall remember it!I can't get enough of Shawarmas and that restaurant I wrote about was SO disappointing.

    Thanks for the comment and enjoy Tribe!!!
    Take Care

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