Chevaughn Recognises our Quiet Giantz

With much of the world on lockdown, many have begun to recognise exactly who their Quiet Giantz are. Whilst they may differ from person to person, there’s no questioning their existence and the impact that they have on each of our lives.

Inspired by the many that he knows, Chevaughn has delivered yet another powerful track that reminds us to celebrate the people who make sure that we survive, grow, and excel. As Agent Sasco adds, they are not unicorns or fictional characters, but instead the men and women that we encounter on a daily basis.

So as you enjoy this track, don’t forget to appreciate your Quiet Giantz today and always.

Quiet Giantz by Chevaughn featuring Agent Sasco and Llamar ‘Riff Raff’ Brown

And once you’ve taken in the lyrics, enjoy this special acoustic version of the track from the Me & You Mondays series below.

Click here for the many different ways to access this track, and follow Chevaughn on all social media platforms @chevaughnmusic to keep updated on his journey.


Author: General Gen

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