Discovering Peckham Palms, Our New Royal Space

Black excellence is not something that we often see celebrated at the forefront of our society so discovering Peckham Palms, a brand-new hub for black businesses, feels like waking up in a dream.

The Palms otherwise known as Peckham Palms is located just off Rye Lane and will be offering everything from quality hair and beauty treatments to events and workshops. It will be utilised as a community space for educating people, having fun, holding workshops and offering somewhere for small businesses to trade. With this it is set to become the epicentre of black entrepreneurship in London. As with most things, balance is the key so they don’t promote work with no play and also feature a wonderful bar entitled Mae J’s where you can simply unwind and enjoy the ambience.

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The space itself comes as a result of Network Rail and Southwark Council’s plans to develop Peckham Rye station causing local beauty stylists to relocate. With gentrification affecting so many black communities and businesses nowadays, this co-working space for black entrepreneurs in the hair and beauty industry has come at just the right time for local business owners in Peckham and will be a place that we can all enjoy for years to come.

Upon entry to The Palms you will notice the beautiful names of the boutiques, the colourful décor, and the columns that feature on the interior walls of the building. However it is not until you speak to the amazing team behind the scenes that you uncover the years of history that are embedded into its foundations. The names of the boutiques each tell a unique story of African heritage, the braided columns were handcrafted by the stylists who will be working in the boutiques, and if you look carefully enough you will find that their heads are featured above each of the braided columns inside of the building. There is certainly more than meets the eye at Peckham Palms, and I am keen to keep discovering more.

To hear more about the concept behind Peckham Palms and how it is set to revolutionise the way that local black businesses operate, take a look at the below video by Darrel Blake which features Monique Tomlinson, the Director and General Manager behind the scenes at Peckham Palms, as she walks us through the many different aspects of this brand-new space.

I personally love Peckham Palms because it incorporates so much of the royal black history that too often gets overlooked by slavery. If you look at black cultures worldwide, you will find that we often combine the resources available to us to create great products and the experiences to match, which is exactly what I believe you will get at The Palms. So come and support the Kings and Queens at Peckham Palms, and recognise that royalty is available to us all.

Perhaps we no longer have to fantasize about fictional places like Wakanda or dream of visiting Dubai’s Atlantis the Palm, because we now have our own space of warmth, love, and luxury right here in London at The Palms.

The address of Peckham Palms/The Palms is as follows;

The Palms/Peckham Palms Arcade, Unit 1-14 Bournemouth Close, Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4PB (located just off Rye Lane)

The opening hours will be from 9am until 11pm, but please note that the bar has its own separate trading hours. Visit their official website for more.

Let me know what you discover at The Palms when you visit, and perhaps I’ll see you at Mae J’s for a drink sometime.

Author: General Gen

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