Hot Off The Press : The General is Ready Fi Dem!

If you looked at the title of this and thought ‘Who is The General?’ I’m referring to the one and only Bounty Killer aka Warlord aka Rodney Price aka Founder of The Alliance aka Grung Gad aka The Five Star General. I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now! (Well I hope that you have after that long piece ah list.)

Bounty Killer is an artist that I grew up listening to and have continued to listen to over the years. Being one of the most consistent artists from the Dancehall scene, Mr Rodney Price always seems to do it for me time and time again. From tunes like ‘Bulletproof Skin’ and ‘Can’t Believe My Eyes,’ to ‘Nuh Friend Fish,’ he delivers! I know you can relate to what I’m saying if you used to call these kinda tunes ‘Ragga,’ and the sound man playing the tunes would say ‘Wheeeeel and come again!’ Yeh, them days there.

Now it’s not every Bounty Killer tune that I love, but when I heard this one I said ‘Yes, this one is baaaaaaad!’ For me, this is the hardest that I’ve heard The Five Star General come in quite a long while so have a listen and feel free to tell me what you think.

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Author: missgen

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