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Being one of the most sought after recording artists to emerge from the Reggae and Dancehall scene, this artist isn’t short of collaborations and has  found himself immersed into the mainstream on several occassions, even finding chart success with Alicia Keys’ feature on his 2006 hit “Ghetto Story.”

Despite his many achievements, and a reputable catalogue of music dating back to the 90’s, Cham remains as humble as ever and goes on to discuss his success over the years, the upcoming album, and living a lawless life.


As we discussed his performance on the night, he commended Miami’s Best of the Best festival as one of the best live reggae and dancehall concerts throughout the world. He added that it’s always a good vibe as Caribbean fans come out in their thousands to support the show, so it’s always nice being able to represent for them and repay them for their support over the years

Whilst Cham remains as one of the artists at the forefront of Reggae and Dancehall, we live in a time where artists release new material every couple of weeks or so in a bid to stay relevant, so I was keen to find out how he manages to keep so relevant whilst releasing music in his own time, and staying in his own lane.

The answer soon became apparent as he begun to explain the importance of teamwork. Giving credit to the Madhouse Records family, and the whole of Team Cham, he advised that there are a lot of people behind what he does. Refusing to solely take the credit for his success, he insisted that he has lasted so long in the game because of the team, and he continued to reiterate that this is far from a one man show.

He added that when we don’t hear a lot of music coming out, he’s on the road touring non-stop. Speaking on the difficulty of being on the road and in the studio at the same time, he often finds that one has to give way to the other. This balance ensures that he can continuously give us 100% and come up with the next best thing whenever he is in the studio.

As we continued to reason, we got onto the topic of Cham’s ‘lawless’ lifestyle, and with this he went on to explain his very own representation of #Lawless and the foundations behind it. He went on to say “I am a citizen of this world, with no borders and boundaries. Mankind created borders and boundaries for their own personal (and monetary) gains – so we do what we do, go where we want to go, and promote how we want to promote, to make sure that our word gets across, and that’s why I say I live lawless.”

Of course the lawlessness does not end there as 2017 is set to see the release of the highly anticipated upcoming album Lawless produced by none other than Dave Kelly. Being someone who is very strong minded and keen to follow his own path, it was interesting to learn a bit more about the man behind the music and what inspires him to do what he does. Having recently decided on the official single for the album, we can confirm that the album is in its very last stages before release, and we simply cannot wait to get our hands on what is set to be Cham’s best project yet.

For more updates on Cham and the upcoming album you can catch him on the following social networking platforms;
@TheCham on Instagram & Twitter, @TheChamOfficial on Facebook, ChamLawless on Snapchat and for everything else including lawless attire.

You can also catch a few clips from Best of the Best on my social networks as I relive the many memories of the festival’s 10th year anniversary.

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