#WhyIWrite 2017

Today marks the National Day on Writing in the United States, so you may have noticed the increased use of the hashtag #WhyIWrite on all social media platforms. This national day was established by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) back in 2009 on the premise that writing is critical to literacy but needs greater attention and celebration. One thing that I love about this particular day is its recognition of the role that writing plays in our everyday lives. As one of the main ways that we communicate with one another, writing is a skill that we can use in so many different ways, so today I will share a few reasons on why I write.

First and foremost, I graduated from university with a 2:1 English Language and Literature degree, and from my days of studying English at GCSE level, I definitely uncovered my love for words. Although our written words can sometimes be interpreted wrongly owing to the absence of factors such as context or pronunciation, more often than not they do a great job in portraying our messages just as intended.

If you begin to think about the many forms of writing that we come across everyday, it would be difficult to get through a day without it. Whether it’s a birthday card, an email, or perhaps an article, it is important to understand the power in our words and consequently in our writing.

As the years have gone on, I have personally found great comfort in-between the pages of a book, but also on the flip side as a writer. For me, writing is a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings, whether published or not. Being an empathetic person and a great listener can sometimes mean that I take on the burdens of others and almost begin to internalise their energies. Writing therefore enables me to lighten that load and let go of any thoughts or feelings that no longer serve me well.

Yet in turn, there is often no better way for me to express feelings of love, appreciation, and kindness than through my writing. Those that know me, especially my loved ones, will be the first to tell you that I love to write paragraphs about things that I’m passionate about. In fact, my loved ones are likely to have at least one birthday card/message from me whereby my words have covered the majority of the blank space. And if it wasn’t a card, it was certainly a lengthy email or whatsapp message.

To sum things up, I’d say that I write to express emotions and opinions, but whether that’s a letter of love or an email of complaint really depends on the situation.

Now you know a few reasons as to #WhyIWrite…Do let me know why you write and participate in the ways outlined on the official website.

Additionally, if you require any assistance with copywriting, proofreading or online editing, I will be happy to discuss further so do get in touch.

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